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Gain confidence and deepen your sense of security in relationships by learning about your brain's wiley ways.  We go beyond the basics but keep it practical, easy to understand and entirely self-paced, so you can engage the course at your leisure.

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to apply the recent advances in relational neuroscience, trauma and attachment in the real world.  This includes all mental health professionals and students, those in fields that can use this practical wisdom including medicine, education, law, & business. Additionally, no matter your profession - this includes those personally interested in the subject matter who want to take a deeper dive into the material.

This e-course includes at least 3 full hours of instruction and experientials that foster an advanced understanding of attachment theory. After introducing the Modern Attachment-Regulation Spectrum, we then focus on providing deeper thought and practical answers to the "ok I get it, but what do I do about it now?" question.  You will find slides, handouts, quizzes and video to keep it fun to aid you in successfully completing the course.

This Course Will Include:

-  Integration of relational neuroscience and polyvagal theory with both adult and infant attachment science

"Earning" Security - unpacked

- "Nervous system activation" - unpacked

-  Help to specifically understand what is unconsciously happening in the mind/body and how this impacts your interactions, perceptions, reaction and relationships (your internal working model - IWM)

- Using the Modern Attachment-Regulation Spectrum -we will teach you how to use this tool to begin to remap your internal working model and begin to create new internal and interpersonal experiences

- Identifying dysregulated states of mind in yourself and others with specific strategies for moving toward more grounded, organized states of mind

-  Identifying and reducing shame and blame cycles to create safer more secure moment-to-moment interactions

- Learning how to build an interactive interpersonal map to help co-regulate others and yourself, moving each to a more secure state of mind

-  Covering in-depth relationship dynamics between attachment styles and spend time giving specific strategies that will help decrease tensions, improve relating on a daily basis and build more deeply secure relationships over time.

- We will also provide handouts you can use and share and short easy to view videos to bring the material to life.

There are no quick fixes or absolutes, but we can give you an honest jump start by beginning to make the implicit explicit and adding conscious choice to what was otherwise out of awareness.  We know first hand that healing is possible, both personally and professionally, and are happy to generously share what we know to help you on your path as healer or healee. 🙂 

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

-Describe an internal working model (IWM) and it's role in shaping how it drives our unconscious perceptions of ourselves and our world.

- Utilize the Modern Attachment-Regulation Spectrum as a tool to create new internal and interpersonal experiences.

-Differentiate between IWM's and moment-to-moment states of mind

-Describe how affective neuroscience and attachment science are different but related

- Identify dysregulated states of mind in one's self or in a close other, and additionally utilize strategies for moving toward more grounded, organized states of mind.

- Create an interactive plan for 1 important relationship with strategies designed to help decrease tensions and increase safety in the dyad with the aim of building a more secure relationship.


Sounds good, but what's the refund policy?

We believe the integration and accessibility of this material is excellent and that you will be very satisfied (and hopefully want to refer others to it). However, if for any reason you are not, we offer a no questions asked full refund for 30 days after purchase of the course (30 days after beginning course instruction for pre-sale purchases).

Who can benefit from this e-course?

This course will cover advanced material but is designed for anyone who would like to deepen their sense of security in the world and improve their close relationships. This includes mental health clinicians and students, other professional practitioners (law, medicine, clergy, education, coaches, business), couples, natural healers, parents, deep thinkers, life-long learners, those injured by early relationships and those wanting to help close others grow and heal.

We keep in mind the range of audiences throughout and also believe they widely overlap. We ALL have internal working models and vulnerable nervous systems that impact how we work and how we relate in the world.

How do I access the course?

This online course will launch October 16, 2019. Upon purchasing you will receive an email with login instructions and then may directly begin the course.  Login instructions for pre-sale purchases will be sent on October 16, 2019.

How long does it take to complete and is there a required timeline?

It is designed to be interactive and is intentionally meant to be taken at your own pace. There are at least 3 hours of recorded material for you. Also, you will have lifetime access to it, so you can refer back anytime you like.

What is the price?

We are offering deep, pre-sale discounts ($99) effective immediately until October 16, 2019, early bird discounts once the course goes live October 16 ($149), and then November 13, 2019 it moves to normal pricing of $249.

Also note that all of our Neuronerd Patrons get discounts on everything we produce, so if you are a patron and don't yet have your discount code, let us know!

Still have questions?

Ask us! Just shoot us an email at

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