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TU45: Music, Emotion and Therapy: Interview with Bob Schneider, Austin Music Legend

Not only does Bob Schneider (professional musician and wicked Creative) share his navigation of emotion as he writes music, in this in-depth conversation he also shares personal stories about his therapy and recovery with Sue Marriott.  He goes on to describe mediocre versus great therapy, how to train your critical brain like your dog, and taking in tons of information like a whale and spitting out “song turds” from his unconscious. Blending anecdotal stories, neuroscience and attachment theory, this interview both entertains and educates.

Bonus section:  Sue discusses an extended excerpt of Schneider’s song, “Let the Light In” from an attachment perspective.

TU20: Developing Racial Identity With Guests Rudy Lucas And Christine Schmidt

therapeutic relationship

Help is here for having those uncomfortable conversations… like whether or not there such a thing as reverse-racism, what’s going on when people ask about white lives matter, how is racism different than prejudice, developmental models of racial identity, colorism, self-hatred and so on. This is a rich dialog that will be an interesting, hopefully shame-free conversation starter. We hope you share this episode widely and follow up with discussions about what you think with one another, or take action with the resource section in the show notes. Thank you Christine Schmidt and Rudy Lucas for the inspiration and the conversation!