TU107: What is Somatic Experiencing With Guest Abi Blakeslee

Abi Blakeslee PhD for TU107 on Somatic Experiencing

Trauma is not a life sentence anymore! Somatic Experiencing, like Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, is a powerful model to transform pain and uses your body to help restore you to freedom and ease. Abi Blakeslee and Sue Marriott take you right into it and as always, check out our show notes for TONS of further resources!

TU 106 What Actually Heals in Therapy with Psychoanalyst Nancy McWilliams

Learn what actually works in therapy. It’s hard to verbalize the problem with “evidenced-based” models of care, but renown psychoanalyst and psychologist Nancy McWilliams does just that.  She further describes what happens in quality depth-oriented therapies such as psychoanalytically-informed attachment oriented therapy, and integrates the neurobiological aspect that Freud started that has now been confirmed.…

TU105: Narcissism, What is Going On Under the Defense w Sue Marriott & Ann Kelley

The Myth of Narcissus

Get under the hood of what narcissism truly is, what causes it and what the defense and personality structure is all about. With compassion this phenomena is explored, focusing this time on the diagnosis itself. Later we will discuss Malignant Narcissism and what to do if you were raised in this environment or are partnered with a narcissist.

TU103: Curiosity – One of the Most Powerful Tools For Connection (Replay)


Have you ever just sat back and observed a small child as they learn something new?  There is this profound sense of awe and wonder with each new discovery they make.  Kids are naturally curious.  As adults, we tend to take what we know about the world for granted. But, through the eyes of a child, the world is an exciting mystery just waiting to be discovered!  What if we told you that it is possible to experience that childlike curiosity in your day-to-day life, starting right now? What if we also told you that curiosity is one of the most powerful relationship tools we have?  Curiosity is much more than a quest for knowledge and is not as simple as it seems.