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TU118: Mental Health Support During this Damn Coronavirus Pandemic

Calm is contagious, too! Coping through Coronavirus. Our hearts hurt for those affected by COVID.  Those who are ill, survivors of those taken by the virus, service employee’s continuing to work, front-line medical and science warriors, those who lost their job or savings, those who are isolated alone and those stuck at home in harsh…

TU117: Resilience Trauma and the Brain W/ Guest Bruce Perry MD, PhD

dr bruce perry

“Regulate, then relate, then reason” Dr. Perry In this episode, co-host Sue Marriott speaks with Dr. Bruce Perry, a renowned neuroscientist, psychiatrist, clinician and researcher on children’s mental health.  They discuss staging intervention based on brain develop in a technique called the Neurosequential Model. Who is Dr. Bruce Perry? Bruce Perry, MD, PhD is the…

TU114: Take the 30 Day Emotional Health Challenge!

tu114 30-day challenge, Vnn kelley & sue marriott

Nobody is perfect. Let us support you in doing something you KNOW you need to do but may not know how. For 30 days, choose ONE old habit you want to let go of, focus on understanding where it comes from, challenge tired old troublesome beliefs, risk learning something new and updating your old map. Change can look like: insight, more compassion, new behavior, it can be small or large, but it’s gotta change. We discuss examples and tie this into the Modern Attachment-Regulation Spectrum and the colors you may lean toward to help you pick something.

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