Get over 8 hours of live conversation, discussion, study and interpersonal relating around adult attachment right from your own home.  

This book has been called a "modern breakthrough" when it comes to treatment of attachment, this is a great way to stay up to date! 

Attachment Disturbances in Adults, Comprehensive Treatment and Repair 

This recent book (2016), co-authored by Daniel Brown and David Elliott, is chock-full of updated research and includes new treatment ideas in the area of attachment.
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Join like-minded peers to read and discuss the book Attachment Disturbances in Adults Comprehensive Treatment and Repair


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Many people want to keep up to date and read original source material but find it overwhelming and hard to finish all the good books we want to absorb.  We've chosen this book, Attachment Disturbances in Adults Treatment for Comprehensive Repair by Daniel Brown and David Elliott, because it's new and updated, is chock-full of great summary research, and has original treatment ideas using attachment and psychotherapy as a base. Plus frankly you need a group to help you absorb it all, it holds A LOT!

This 6 session online reading and study group will focus on the new clinical aspects of the book starting at Chapter 6 and will be professionally facilitated by Sue Marriott, co-host of Therapist Uncensored Podcast.  Sue has lead therapist study groups and peer reading groups in person for decades and is the co-founder of Austin IN Connection and Therapist Uncensored podcast.  Group learning is super cool and effective, and, frankly just more fun.

You will get over 8 hours of live interaction with participants (perhaps if like last time, from around the globe!) around this rich material, you will certainly read more of the book than you would have otherwise and you will definitely understand it much more fully with guided discussion and lively conversation among like-minded peers.

Space is limited, so be sure and sign up today!  Payment is for the entire series but no worries, sessions will be recorded and provided to participants to view at your convenience in case you miss it, or would like to review.   You can also send questions, comments and observations to be incorporated into the next session so you stay actively involved.

And of course, purchase of the book is required for participation.


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