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There has never been a more exciting time to learn about how the brain impacts our mind, our body, our health, and our relationships. Led by new technology and cutting edge research, the explosion of new findings in neuroscience has changed much of what we know and literally how we work as psychotherapists.

We integrate the most relevant of these findings with years of practice and other sound psychological and attachment theory so we can bring you the best of the best.  Leave it to us to sort it and explain it in practical terms so this hard work doesn’t stay in the lab, and we can all benefit.

Why might this be important to you?

Knowledge is power!  Just understanding the impact that your history can have on your mind, your choice of partners and your parenting can be life-changing.   Become your best self, and help others close to you do the same.

Learning to use this knowledge can literally change the default settings in your mind and your heart. And the craziest thing is we are not exaggerating!  Our excitement about this is what lead us to work so hard to bring you this podcast and form this community.

At Therapist Uncensored, we sort through and integrate the relational sciences with our extensive professional experience and bring our listener’s fresh perspectives and practical ideas that have a direct impact on your life and your relationships today.

Who are we?

We are psychotherapists from Austin, Texas who are kicking off our shoes, letting our hair down and talking to you straight.  While we have a lot of fun with it, you can absolutely trust the content being sound and we always provide back up links and resources for those who want to go deeper on a subject.

And that’s not all!  We frequently include nationally-recognized expert guests so that we can stay up to date on what's going on in the field and provide our listeners with direct access to other highly qualified mental health professionals who are contributing to the science or theory and can provide practical trusted ideas towards health in your daily lives.

Therapists use us to keep up to date (we are in the top 2 podcasts for
Therapists), and they trust us by referring their clients to the podcast to do the psycho-education outside of the room to enhance their growth in therapy. However we couldn’t be more excited that we also have a large portion of super smart non-mental health professionals who listen and participate as well — for themselves and their families.

How can I join in?

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Here’s the team that makes it happen.


Ann Kelley, PhD

Dr. Kelley is a psychologist in private practice who is well regarded in the Austin community for her multi-disciplinary team-oriented approach in her work with couples.  She integrates neurobiological, attachment-based and emotion-focused theories and techniques to provide individuals and couples with an approach that is “moment-to-moment” and highly dynamic.  She is a researcher at heart and loves to learn and teach to gain greater effectiveness as a therapist.

She has given numerous workshops and trainings throughout her 25-year career.  As former Director of Clinical Treatment for a Texas juvenile justice facility, she supervised a well known attachment-based treatment program for violent offenders. During her tenure, this program was featured in a book entitled, “The Last Chance in Texas: The Redemption of Criminal Youth,” as well as a full length program broadcast on ESPN.  Her forensic work with such complex issues has continued to inform and inspire her journey as a psychologist and clinician.  At home Ann enjoys running at Austin’s beautiful parks and swimming and hiking with her teenage children.


Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP

Besides being a mother of 3 incredible teenagers, Sue Marriott has been running a successful private practice for over 25 years, seeing individuals and couples and leading multiple long-term psychotherapy groups. She enjoys providing training for other therapists and her study groups and workshops demonstrate her on-going passion for linking research to real-world application.

She is also a grassroots and non-profit Board junkie, having served on several local and national boards that supports mental health in communities.  She is co-founder and former President of Austin IN (interpersonal neurobiology) Connection and served on the Board of GAINS, the Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies and a current emeritus Board member of the nationally based Family Equality Council, to name a few.

Sue is super excited to be part of the collaboration to launch Therapist Uncensored and can’t wait to use this podcast to expand the reach of the relational sciences as widely as possible.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice – Anton Chechov

What others are saying:

It is easy to talk about complex issues in complex ways. What is brilliant about this site is that you have managed to make complex issues understandable for professionals and nonprofessionals.

Mary Anne Sedey

Where once there was stigma, Therapist Uncensored brings information, clarity, and transparency. I come away feeling more enlightened and engaged in the issues.

Mark Holzbach

The best thing about Therapist Uncensored is that they don’t just make suggestions, they give you the actual tools you need to help yourself. Brilliantly curated, definitely effective, and how refreshing that they err on the side of humor. They feel like friends. They take their subject very seriously but certainly not themselves.

Teresa Elliott

Therapist Uncensored has become an important part of my online reading. I think of it as due diligence for my head. Also, they’re funny.

Rino Pizzi