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TU118: Mental Health Support During this Damn Coronavirus Pandemic

Calm is contagious, too! Coping through Coronavirus. Our hearts hurt for those affected by COVID.  Those who are ill, survivors of those taken by the virus, service employee’s continuing to work, front-line medical and science warriors, those who lost their job or savings, those who are isolated alone and those stuck at home in harsh…


TU117: Resilience Trauma and the Brain W/ Guest Bruce Perry MD, PhD

dr bruce perry

“Regulate, then relate, then reason” Dr. Perry In this episode, co-host Sue Marriott speaks with Dr. Bruce Perry, a renowned neuroscientist, psychiatrist, clinician and researcher on children’s mental health.  They discuss staging intervention based on brain develop in a technique called the Neurosequential Model. Who is Dr. Bruce Perry? Bruce Perry, MD, PhD is the…

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TU116: Fight Flight Freeze … and “Fawn”?? Can People-Pleasing Be a Sign of Trauma?

Are you a huge people-pleaser, conflict avoider, peace-keeper? Maybe you are just being nice, but if you are compelled to do it, driven to not take up much space, to not impose… and you don’t have much of a choice about it, there may be something deeper going on. If so, today’s episode talks to you,…

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TU115: Improving Your Emotional Health – the Challenge & the Update with Ann Kelley PhD and Sue Marriott LCSW CGP

tu115 30 day challenge update featured image

In this episode of Therapist Uncensored, co-hosts Ann Kelley and Sue Marriott discuss their progress in their 30-Day Challenge. If you haven’t joined us in the 30-Day Challenge, you can start today by CLICKING HERE! No sales no gimmicks, just support for you to change! SHOW NOTES Positive, Humbling, and Frickin’ Hard Ann discuses the positive…

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TU114: Take the 30 Day Emotional Health Challenge!

tu114 30-day challenge, Vnn kelley & sue marriott

Nobody is perfect. Let us support you in doing something you KNOW you need to do but may not know how. For 30 days, choose ONE old habit you want to let go of, focus on understanding where it comes from, challenge tired old troublesome beliefs, risk learning something new and updating your old map. Change can look like: insight, more compassion, new behavior, it can be small or large, but it’s gotta change. We discuss examples and tie this into the Modern Attachment-Regulation Spectrum and the colors you may lean toward to help you pick something.

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TU113: Integrating Self-Defense, Neuroscience and Affirmative Consent to Build Empowerment and Heal Trauma

tu113 safety team

“Yes means yes is the new no means no!” Often we doubt our gut instinct, question our right to take up space in the world, and live governed by fear -especially when we’ve experienced trauma. Meet the Safety Team, a group of ordinary women doing extraordinary work teaching women how to build resiliency and re-claim their…

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TU112: The Life-Changing Science of Memory Reconsolidation with Guests Bruce Ecker & Tori Olds

Memory reconsolidation brings awareness to old maps and traumatic emotional learning and gives us a clean slate on which to build new learning pathways. Powerhouse clinicians Tori Olds and Bruce Ecker join co-host Sue Marriott in a discussion on the science behind this process and Coherence Theory, which brings these ideas to life.

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TU111: Navigating Narcissistic Relationships – Gaslighting Manipulation and Grandiosity Called Out

it's hard to bear seeing it

You deserve better! The term narcissism is easily tossed around, especially in this world of selfies, however if you are deeply connected to someone with the personality disorder narcissism it is a very real, painful and serious experience. This patron-requested episode unpacks the difficulty in identifying the problem and provides next steps regarding what to do about it.

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TU110: Story Follows State – Investigating Polyvagal Theory with Guest Deb Dana

TU110 - Deb Dana

In this episode of Therapist Uncensored, co-host Sue Marriott explores the intersection of Polyvagal Theory, neuroscience, and attachment with Deb Dana. We will investigate how the mind creates stories from information relayed by the nervous system, and how we can rewrite the script to move toward security.

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TU109: THIS is Resilience in Action With Guest Alphanso Appleton

TU109: Resilience, Alphanso

One man’s story from unthinkable trauma to healing and recovery using non-Western approaches. Alphanso Appleton’s story of civil war, Ebola and tragic loss will bring trauma are relience in sharp focus. You will be moved by his story.

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Judgement and Self-Criticism Unchecked – a Great Interpersonal Defense

tu108 judgment

Judgement says more about the judg-er than the judg-ee.  It’s not Judgement – Bad.  It’s Judgement-Interesting.

Everybody judges and in truth, we unconsciously evaluate good/bad all the time – both positively and negatively.  It’s our brains appraisal system.  However unchecked it’s also a very handy interpersonal defense.  Today we explore one aspect of insecure functioning, unchecked judgement and harsh self-criticism.

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