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Some of our supporters on Patreon - wahoo to everybody!!

Thank you so much for standing up with us and helping us get this cool science out to the world - we truly could not do this without you.


Co-Executive Producers (AKA Platinum Neuronerds)

















Laura Arabie Bobbi Blain Tyra M Butler Kirill Eremenko Pat Spencer
Carys Adultman Camille Scent Christine Stoskopf Vrla Deb Shannon Knapp
Isaac Marsolek Lorie Ammon Jacalyn Brecher James A. Baker Anna
Cindy Geist Julia Chaffin Clare Holberton Eileen Peterson Lila Pond
Lou Jace Cannon Brookes Allison Smith Vicci Phillips Sara Do
Becca Nathaniel Udy Jeffrey Benzick

Gold Neuronerds

Catherine Underwood Suzanne Whitehead Corinne Linno Rhodes
Kim-Marie O'Driscoll Karen J Conlon Alice E Green Ann
Alice King Levita D'souza Tomas Tomcat Monica Lenker
Amy Lewis Amy Groessl Becki Mendivil Mary Taylor
Laura L King Carmin Carpenter Colleen Moloney Kate Turner
Lacy Largent Michael Hilgers Margot Timbel Michelle Wright
Lila Braida Liz young Brea Aldorfer Edward B Jenny
Jade Hewitt Sarah Lazarewicz Rashmica Judy Kamara
Donna Woods Keith Ray Rene' Reis Nicole Nelson
Martin Jacobs Ellen Byrne Hellen Pennell Lora Benoff
Karen Lucas Denise Smith Nancy Oakley Debra Morrow
Camille Loya Katarina EB Victoria Dimitrakopoulos Amy Love
Leahnora Julia Carbaugh Gina Rothermel
Kate Hollingsworth Penelope Kara Brennan

And thank you to Every Single Supernerd Supporter

for pitching in and allowing us time to focus on creation and trusted content, and help in getting the show delivered far and wide!

It is truly making a difference!


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