TU109: THIS is Resilience in Action With Guest Alphanso Appleton

One man’s story from unthinkable trauma to healing and recovery using non-Western approaches. Alphanso Appleton’s story of civil war, Ebola and tragic loss will bring trauma are relience in sharp focus. You will be moved by his story.


TU108: Judgment of Others & Self-Criticism Explored as a Defense

tu108 judgment

Judgement says more about the judg-er than the judg-ee.  It’s not Judgement – Bad.  It’s Judgement-Interesting.

Everybody judges and in truth, we unconsciously evaluate good/bad all the time – both positively and negatively.  It’s our brains appraisal system.  However unchecked it’s also a very handy interpersonal defense.  Today we explore one aspect of insecure functioning, unchecked judgement and harsh self-criticism.

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TU107: What is Somatic Experiencing With Guest Abi Blakeslee

Abi Blakeslee PhD for TU107 on Somatic Experiencing

Trauma is not a life sentence anymore! Somatic Experiencing, like Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, is a powerful model to transform pain and uses your body to help restore you to freedom and ease. Abi Blakeslee and Sue Marriott take you right into it and as always, check out our show notes for TONS of further resources!

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TU 106 What Actually Heals in Therapy with Psychoanalyst Nancy McWilliams

Learn what actually works in therapy. It’s hard to verbalize the problem with “evidenced-based” models of care, but renown psychoanalyst and psychologist Nancy McWilliams does just that.  She further describes what happens in quality depth-oriented therapies such as psychoanalytically-informed attachment oriented therapy, and integrates the neurobiological aspect that Freud started that has now been confirmed.…

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TU105: Narcissism, What is Going On Under the Defense w Sue Marriott & Ann Kelley

The Myth of Narcissus

Get under the hood of what narcissism truly is, what causes it and what the defense and personality structure is all about. With compassion this phenomena is explored, focusing this time on the diagnosis itself. Later we will discuss Malignant Narcissism and what to do if you were raised in this environment or are partnered with a narcissist.

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TU104: Attachment Science & the Single World With Guest Becki Mendivil (Replay)

Becki Mendivil TU104: Attachment Science & the Single World

Candid and hilarious conversation about how the relational sciences translates to work and parenting, by a listener ready to challenge the premise. Afraid of interacting with your co-workers? All the single listeners, (think Beyonce!) heads up.  Learn to use attachment science day to day and delve more deeply into the avoidant end of the spectrum. Fun episode!

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TU101: Treating Attachment Disruptions in Adults With David Elliott (Replay)

Young bearded man in wheelchair talking receiving treatment from a psychotherapist, treating attachment disturbances in adults episode with David Elliott

Learn the 3 pillars of attachment security and how to heal from the inside-out.
We cover quite a lot in this podcast, especially about treatment, but if that still isn’t enough, these show notes are PACKED with PDF’s of great material offered by Dr. Elliott! Below you will find 4 full PDF handouts about the salient ideas of their synthesis of treatment for adults with attachment disruptions.

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TU100: Reflections and Favorites From 100 Episodes

For our 100th episode, tune in for a review of favorite audience episodes and back stories about the evolution of Therapist Uncensored with co-hosts Ann Kelley and Sue Marriott.  This is a show hosted by 2 therapists who share the most usable science on attachment relationships psychotherapy and trauma.  It combines both host lead conversations and interviews with top experts in the the respective fields – neuroscience, therapists, academic researchers, musicians and pop-culture celebrities that share their wisdom about relationships. 

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TU92: Understanding Addiction and Attachment-Informed Treatment With Guests Brad Kennedy & Vanessa Kennedy

Addiction Man Alone

Learn 3 distinct features that make one vulnerable to addiction and understand the varied dynamics through the lens of attachment with guests Brad Kennedy and Dr. Vanessa Kennedy. By getting curious about our behaviors and understanding why we do what we do, we can begin shifting our narrative from one of shame to one of compassion.

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TU90: Avoidance and the Difficulty Opening Up with Guest Robert T. Muller

couple having an argument tu 90 avoidance

It’s hard enough to unfold yourself in therapy, but when your life experience has challenged you, avoidance is sure to follow.  It is difficult to open up if you found safety in being cloaked – but that cloak can clog up our current adult relationships.  Dang it! Sorry to tell you what we imagine you already know. 🙂 Gotta lose the cloak, friend!

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TU88: 6 Steps to Increase Your Felt Sense of Security

Building inner security & self-confidence by yourself can seem nearly impossible, so for today we are ditching the heady neuroscience to break down 6 quick tips to improve self-confidence entirely on your own.  You’ll discover how this handful of steps can vastly improve the way you feel internally and the way you carry yourself externally.

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